Busylizzy is clearly successful and growing significantly. What do you attribute this success to considering the high level of competition within your sector?

We do things differently. Busylizzy is set up and run by parents so we completely understand the needs of our members. We make booking classes really easy and completely flexible unlike other class providers. We have a wide range of classes to suit different styles, ages and energy levels and our clubs become communities within their towns for likeminded parents to meet, share stories or simply chill out. You cannot get the all round Busylizzy experience anywhere else.
You have won a lot of awards! Which one stands out the most for you and why?
The British Franchise Association praised our use of technology and tipped us as ‘one to watch’ when we won the emerging franchise of 2016 award. We have hugely invested in our back office systems and created an operational web portal which is loaded with business knowhow, videos and marketing assets for our franchisees which has been a huge internal project but has future proofed our growth. For the BFA to recognise this was a very proud moment for the whole team.
What type of person flourishes with a Busylizzy franchise?
Busylizzy is a management franchise. Our club owners don’t teach the classes; they manage a team of instructors, venues and relationships with members to grow their club. Many franchisees were members and loved the club so much, they bought the franchise and set up their own branch. We have previous PR professionals, marketers, solicitors and HR professionals running our clubs. We look for outgoing, confident people.
What do you think are the main perks/benefits with being a Busylizzy franchisee?
Managing a Busylizzy club is a full time role but it’s done on completely flexible terms. Not teaching the classes means franchise owners can send emails, login to their systems and run reports at anytime – day or night. It’s this flexibility that captures usually women when they near the end of maternity leave and perhaps like the idea of doing something new. 
Can you give our readers a bit more information about your start-up costs, ongoing management fees and any training that is provided?
Our start up fee is £17,500 + vat. This gives the franchisee all the kit needed to open and market their club including configured CRM system, website and app. A further £15,000 working capital is required to support the business in its infancy. The monthly management service fee is 9.5%
Who has been your most successful franchisee to date and what have they achieved?

Our first franchisee went on to purchase a second territory 2 years after her first club opened. She now manages a large network of instructors, venues, admin and a sales team around her now 4 year old daughter. Running your own business is never the easy option and managing a Busylizzy club is a juggling act at times but having the support from Head Office, access to the web portal of best practice and knowhow as well as the security of peers also running clubs in the network makes that leap into self employment less daunting.
To find out more about the Busylizzy franchise opportunity visit www.busylizzyfranchise.co.uk or call us on 01483 610414