Thanks to Andy Watt’s for taking the time out to be this months franchise interviewee. Andy is the franchise manager for Jackson Fire & Safety.

1.What are the benefits of having a Jackson Fire & Security franchise?

There are many benefits for taking a Jackson Franchise, we are the 1st independent company in the UK to offer a franchise in our industry. Prospective Franchisees can now take up the opportunity of setting up their own Fire & security business in their local area.

We have invested heavily over the years to ensure that our processes, quality, standards product range and approach to safe working meet or exceed industry expectations.

2.How long have Jackson Fire & Security been franchising?

We have been franchising for 6 months, however Jackson have been established since 1991.

3.How much does your franchise opportunity cost, franchise fee, equipment and working capital?

The Franchise fee is £17,949, the franchise fee includes equipment, with a working capital consideration of £6,000.

4.What are the average gross and net profits and do you provide accounts and a business plan?

We have 2 different franchise offerings a single van operation and a multi van management franchise, so profits would depend upon the style of franchise you choose. We do provide accounts and a business plan.

5.How much/what training do you provide and is it on-going?

Training is bespoke based on our new franchisees level of experience. We have an initial 2 week residential training course, then training and development of your business is on-going with a dedicated business development manager on hand to train and develop our franchisees within their own territory.

6.How much head office support do you provide?

Supporting our Franchisees is at the heart of our Franchisee development programme, with dedicated staff working hard with our franchisees we provide a business development manager, a tender manager who will work on the very lucrative tender market, telemarketing team who will provide will warm leads within the franchise territory. We run a pre-launch programme launch programme and an on-going support programme. We are committed to the development of our franchisees in all aspects of their business from sales, and marketing support, lead generation. Our head office also handles all invoicing from raising invoices to collection of payment which means our franchisees can concentrate on their business development and not wasting time having to chance and collect invoices.


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