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Over the years I have lost count of the number of franchisees who have told me that they bought the wrong franchise and with hindsight would have done something different.

Buying a franchise is a major step in someone’s life and many people looking at buying a franchise do so with rose tinted spectacles.

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Check out our Top Ten Tips for buying a franchise:

1.  Research the market, do your homework on the different types of franchise.
2. Choose a sector that you know something about and something that you enjoy.
3. Check out the credibility of the franchisor, stability and financials.
4. Speak to existing franchisees, they will usually tell it “as it is”.
5. Don’t overestimate your finances, be realistic.

6. Ask yourself, are you suitable for self-employment? Hard work and long hours!
7. Are you prepared to follow a system or do you like to do your own thing.
8. Check the franchise agreement, it’s too late when you have signed it.
9. Are you good at building rapport, you will need to be to gain customers.
10. Don’t rush into it, but if you go ahead give it 100%.

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