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“If you read this book you won’t get carried away or believe all the hype surrounding franchises. I wish this book had been around at the time I became a franchisee”.

Alistair Macdonald FRG – AMTV Media

“Len Rainford’s franchising advice is always honest, straightforward and leavened with a touch of humour. If you are considering buying a franchise, listen to Len”.

Linda Whitney, Daily Mail franchise columnist.

“I have worked closely with Len for over 20 years in franchising. Len has a vast experience of franchising having been a franchisor and now an adviser helping brands grow. I would highly recommend Len to anyone looking for advice and knowledge of franchising”.

Richard Davies – Head of advertising – What franchise and Global Franchise and BFA affiliate chair 

“What I really like about this book is that it is written in plain English, well-signposted and well-constructed. It’s an excellent reference book and guide book which I wish had been around at the time I became a franchisee. It accurately identifies the pitfalls as well as the many advantages. Franchises have a good record compared with brand new start-up businesses and this book makes it clear that they work, providing you are prepared to follow the system. Anyone who knows anything about franchises will recognise that Len Rainford really knows what he’s talking about from a franchisor’s and a franchisee’s perspectives. It’s a piece of common sense writing but, of course, common sense is not always common”.

Alistair Macdonald FRG – AMTV Media

“This is not an academic study on franchising. It is an easy to read guide on what franchising is, how it works in the UK, typical pitfalls, and a lot of sound advice on how to find a franchise that ‘fits’. It is targeted at prospective franchisees but will also be of interest to those considering franchising their businesses. Len writes from personal experience and illustrates many of the points he makes with personal anecdotes. A useful resource for those new to the world of franchising!”

Iain Martin QFP – Mr Franchise

“The direction of this book, focusing on successful franchising from the perspective of franchisees, is a much needed contribution for the franchise sector. I like the style you have used in writing the book, by raising important questions and offering guidance while providing answers. It is useful that you have provided examples of real life experiences using case studies. The poem, quotes, exercises and activities are interesting and relevant, in keeping readers engaged. This is an excellent book”.

Lola DodaSenior Lecturer, Management School Lancaster University