One of the most challenging parts of developing a franchise is recruiting the right people. You’re not simply looking for an employee but someone who can take over the running of an aspect of your business as if it was their own.

Everyone seems to be an entrepreneur nowadays but the long and the short of it is that not everyone is cut out to run a business. Because the business model has already been created,  including branding and marketing, many people believe that running a franchise is relatively easy.

The Big Mistakes Franchisers Often Make

The biggest mistake that we see franchisers making is not taking the recruitment process seriously enough and valuing quantity over quality. It’s much better to take on just a few exceptional franchisees than several more who simply don’t cut the mustard.

Failure to set out what your ideal franchisee looks like is one problem here. Franchisers spread the net too widely and then are surprised when they end up with partners who are not the right fit for the setup.

That’s why it’s important to access expert advice when organising your franchisee recruitment. The more specific you can be, the better chance you have of finding the right people.

How to Recruit for a Franchise

The first top tip for franchise recruitment is not to be in a hurry. Many business owners put a lot into setting up their franchise arrangements and legal agreements or scouting locations, ticking all the boxes, but then don’t put as much effort into planning and implementing their recruitment.

You’re going to want to know more than just whether someone has the money to invest in your project. Start by creating a description of the ideal person you want to recruit and build in specific questions that you need answering.

For example, you’ll want to know what the individual’s experience is in your industry and what training they may need to get up and running.

Have they run a franchise before or is this the first time? What are their long-term plans? If you are running a management-style franchise, then experience in this area is going to be essential. You’ll want certain characteristics such as education and experience to be relatively strict while others might be something that someone could learn on the job.

There are also going to be personality traits you will be looking for when it comes to recruiting franchisees. If someone is running a business, they need to be a self-starter and have plenty of ambition and drive. If it’s a customer-facing franchise, they’ll need to be a good communicator.

Once you have your recruitment strategy in place, the next step is to advertise your opportunity. This can be done in several ways including through dedicated franchise sites. It’s important, however, to target avenues where your potential franchisees are likely to be hanging out.

When it comes to selection and interviewing, there are some more factors to take into account. This is a two-way process – you want to pick the right person but you also want them to be energised and enthusiastic about your project. As a franchiser, you need to be prepared to sell your opportunity to your prospective franchisee.

Contact the Franchise Specialist

There’s certainly a lot to cover when recruiting for a franchise. It’s essential therefore to work with a specialist service and ensure that all the appropriate building blocks are in place. Contact the Franchise Specialist today to find out how we can help.