Recruitment for your average business is often a long and complicated process and when it comes to franchisee recruitment things get even more difficult. You have to play a lot of roles when it comes to franchisee recruitment and making your business standout can be very difficult.

When you are trying to get people to use your brand and open their own franchise you are going to have to be convincing. It sounds easy enough but in practice, it is much more complicated. Many of the potential franchisors you are trying to attract will have plenty of options so you need to ensure you catch their attention.

But catching their attention is only the beginning you need to keep it. Opening a franchise is a life-changing decision for the vast majority of people and it does come with an element of risk. But if you want to successfully recruit franchisers then you will need to convince people to take this big step.

This is why many businesses struggle with franchisee recruitment. Because while your potential franchisor is deciding whether you are the right match for them you are going to need to do the same thing.

If you don’t think someone is a good match for your business you don’t want them to open a franchise will you? So, there is a lot to think about and consider when it comes to franchisee recruitment and it can be a difficult process for both sides. But to help below I’ve listed some helpful tips and advice that can make things easier.

Have A Dedicated Franchise Website

If you want to catch potential franchisors attention then you should have a separate dedicated franchise website. You’d be surprised how many businesses simply have a section of their main business website and leave it at that.

While you can certainly still include a section on your main website having a separate site dedicated solely to the franchise opportunities you offer will be sure to generate more interest. Potential franchisors are much more likely to visit a dedicated franchise website and it will give you the  opportunity to include more information.

Don’t expect to attract quality franchisors if you aren’t offering a lot of information to them. So, if you don’t have a separate website dedicated to your businesses franchise opportunities now is the time to get one built.

Simplicity Is Key

Franchisee recruitment is complicated from attracting potential franchisors, interviewing them and making a decision on their suitability it can be a long and difficult process. Especially because a potential franchisor could drop out at any moment if they don’t think your business is right for them either.

But one of the most effective ways to get the whole process started on the right foot is to ensure your franchise information is simple and to the point. Avoid puns and while a little creative flair is OK don’t get carried away. Simple doesn’t mean boring so you don’t just have to stick to text and lists you can use videos, images and more.

But make sure you highlight why your franchise opportunity is unique and profitability. You also need to get across to potential franchisors why you are different from your competition what makes working with you a better choice? Focus on crafting a detailed but easy to understand answer to why a franchisor should choose your business.

Follow Up Enquiries Quickly

If you get an email or message from an interested franchisor then you should aim to follow it up as quickly as possible. Many potential franchisors and especially the more experienced or high-quality candidates will likely be looking at many potential opportunities.

Obversely you shouldn’t rush to make any decisions but do try to keep potential franchisors updated and in the know as you go through your recruitment process. Simply updating them by email will be enough to show potential franchisors that you haven’t forgotten about them.

Hire A Franchise Specialist

If you are really struggling with franchisee recruitment then you should consider contacting a franchise specialist. Franchise specialists will be able to help you with all aspects of franchisee recruitment.

They can help businesses looking to attract franchisors and offer help and advice in a variety of ways. Even if you haven’t set-up a franchise system for your business yet a franchise specialist can help you get a process worked out and ready. So, if you are really struggling with franchisee recruitment then hiring a franchise specialist is going to be a huge help.

Have A Clear Suitability Framework

Going through the whole franchisee recruitment process only to decide a candidate isn’t the right match can be very hard for both parties. But it is for the best, however, to help prevent you from wasting time you should have a clear suitability framework worked out. This way you can be sure any potential franchisors who aren’t a good fit will be rejected more quickly leaving you to focus your efforts on candidates who are a better match.