With the advent of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent lockdown, many of us have been forced into working from home for the first time. If you’ve been thinking about how you can keep this going and perhaps start your own business from home, you’re not alone.

Work from home franchises are on the increase and there are several ways you can set up as the owner of a proven business model and make a success of it in your local area.

The Benefits of Work From Home Franchises

Most traditional franchises mean you have to invest in infrastructure. For example, if you wanted to invest in a restaurant franchise, you’d need to find the right property and money to set it all up.

With a work from home franchise, the investment is generally much less because you are essentially using your property as your office and base. If you are investing in an internet franchise, for example, you may only need a good wifi connection, some office space and a decent computer.

Types of Work From Home Franchise

Work from home franchise opportunities have increased over the last five years or so. That’s been brought about by better connectivity and more responsive devices that allow you to set up with the minimum of fuss as well as platforms that allow you to take money and maintain accounts while you do business. The types of franchises available in this area include:

  • Internet franchises: These include selling products online and offering services such as financial advice, coaching and psychotherapy to name just a few.
  • Van franchises: If you have a clean driving licence and a van, you can set up a wide range of from home franchises including deliveries, removals, gardening, building and a variety of home services such as cleaning and even pest control.
  • Online education: This is an area that has quickly developed over the last few years and if you have specialists skills that you’d like to share it can be a great home business if you find the right franchise partner.
  • Property franchises: Setting up as a property expert in your area doesn’t mean you need an office to work out of. Many franchise estate agencies work from home and build a local clientele quite successfully.
  • Pet care franchises: Whether it’s taking local dogs for walks, delivering pet food or providing a mobile grooming service, there are growing opportunities in the pet care sector that make excellent franchise opportunities.

How to Get Started in a Work From Home Franchise

Working from home is not for everyone but it does have the advantage of cutting down on your business costs. The key to finding the right franchise is not only to do your research but also choose a sector where you have an interest.

You will also need to look at what skills you need to achieve and what training you might require. If you are investing in an internet franchise, for example, that might mean upping your marketing skills and learning how to create a website and attract customers through digital marketing.

You’ll also need to look at your home environment and how suitable it is for running a business from. Ideally, you should have a space that you can reasonably call your office that you can corner off and work undisturbed.

If you are thinking of investing in a work from home franchise, contact our team today to discuss the possibilities and learn how to pick the right opportunity to suit your abilities and passion.