While making your business into a franchise is one of the quickest and most cost effective ways to grow and spread your brand, it doesn’t mean that success is guaranteed. One mistake that business owners often make is not understanding the franchise process properly and what they need to make it work. Getting the right advice is key, as is choosing the best people to take on the mantel of your business and, hopefully, make it a household name in the near future.

Is Your Business Suitable for a Franchise?

It’s not strictly IF your business is suitable but whether it is actually ready for franchising. Is your business able to replicate itself and how much of your success has been down to you as a business owner that is more difficult to reproduce? While your company may have been a success at a local level, how is it going to play out nationally or even internationally? Do you need to open more outlets in the traditional way and gauge their success before you step into the world of franchising?

There are a lot of questions that need answering before you head down the franchise route. One reason some are not as successful as they first hoped is because these types of questions either have not been asked or have not been answered properly. It can be a difficult thing for a business owner to do, mainly because they are so closely connected to it. That’s why a dispassionate and experienced outside specialist is usually a good option.

Have you got the Right Franchise Agreement in Place?

There are plenty of legal aspects involved in setting up a successful franchise. Again, these need to be rock solid while also attracting the kind of partners who will be able to forge a clear path for your expansion. From the terms of the agreement to the financial rewards, these may need to be revisited if you are not getting the attention you think your business deserves.

Are You Choosing the Right Franchisees?

Key to franchising success is the type of person you attract to run outlets for you. First of all, have you got the staff on side who can help franchisees prosper? How are you going to sell your franchise opportunities and who are you going to direct your marketing at?

You’re asking a lot of your franchisees so how you sell the proposition to them is important. They’re going to be investing money, giving up their day job and going out on a limb after all. Central to this is developing a level of trust between yourself and the franchisee, something that many business owners fail to do.

Are You Providing Adequate Training and Support?

The other question that you need to ask yourself is whether you are providing the support your franchisees need to succeed. Most successful franchisors will not only target the right people but also make sure that any areas which need to be developed are developed. This focus on training and support also means your brand is maintained and customers get a uniform experience. Another mistake that businesses make is not understanding that this vital aspect of running a franchise actually costs a good deal of money and effort.

Running a successful franchise relies on bringing several strands together and getting it right is not as easy as it first seems. If you find that your franchise is not as successful as you first hoped, then perhaps it’s time to revisit your set up and get some more specialist advice on how to improve things.